This section is dedicated to the comments made by my pupils, and/or fans of my work. Please note that not all the pieces in the photographs are my original designs, but I use them to teach my pupils in my painting classes.



Here is Marina Leite Corrêia, a dear student of mine, from the convention in Rio de Janeiro 2009, holding her painted project. Shouldn't I feel proud?!

Well done, Marina!

Marina2 Marina3





These are photos of pieces sent by Dulce Gameiro

Flutering Wings on the left, done in pyrography...

...the Butterfly on the right... 1
3 ...and Big Leggy in the Air, done in pyrography!




The three boxes with the Salt Box design are Memory Boxes which will be turned over to Trillium Hospital of Oakville, parents of deceased New Borns are shown the many boxes our membership has painted and can choose a box of their choice.

The Stripes, hearts and tiptoes is painted for Sick Kids Hospital of Toronto. Young children between the ages of nine and twelve that are receiving bone marrow transplants are the recepients of these Treasure Boxes. This one was also fun to paint, love your colour choices, nice, bright,very colourful and very cheerful.

May I thank you once again for your generosity, can't wait to share with my painting friends

You are one in a Million

Ann Bennie - Stoney Creek, Canada


ane1small These 4 pictures where sent by Ann Rothwell! Lovely painting, thank you for the Pictures Ann. ann2small
ann3small ann4small




FlutteringWings Wiregrass Decorative Painters sponsored and taught a decorative painting project, March 3-13, 2009, for the fourteen students in the ninth grade advanced art class at Dauphin Junior High School in Enterprise, Ala. The very colorful Ana Dickinson design, “Fluttering Wings,” was chosen by the students.

I think this has been a worthwhile project for our chapter. We are so proud of what the students have been able to accomplish... They had no background in decorative painting and very little or none in painting so everything was new. On Friday, they even shaded with BLACK on a purple or red background. Weren’t they brave?

Find out more:


"This is my second year in painting. I really love it, it´s a true pleasure, it makes me feel good and inspires me. The classes with Ana are something else, we have a great atmosphere and it´s lots of fun to learn how to paint the pieces."

Ana Cristina Nunes, Lisbon - Portugal


"I met Ana a few years ago and was fascinated with her work, with her magnificent painting. This compelled me to want to take part in her classes, and I´ve been learning with her ever since. I also come to classes for the company, Ana is a great teacher, and painting really makes a difference in my life."

Patricia Rocha, Lisbon - Portugal


"I found Ana´s work in decorative arts magazines, I phoned her to buy some of her books and she told me she gave classes. So I´ve been learning with Ana since June 2008. I feel my painting has progressed a lot since then, it´s something to which I dedicate myself with great pleasure and it really makes me feel good. With Ana I have learned very much I for that I am grateful to her."

Lena Duarte, Lisbon - Portugal



"Your website and your art are fabulous. I have been taking decorative painting for years and I´m looking to find my own style. Yours is amazing."

Mary Lou Clover, Arkansas - USA



"Ana Dickinson´s art is one of a kind. She is incredibly creative and has a great technique. It´s amazing how she manages to create so many completely different paintworks in different design styles and at the same time we can see Ana´s unique print in every one of them."

Luísa Silva, Lisbon - Portugal


"Dearest Ana,

Thank you very much for releasing your new patterns. They are once again beautiful! I painted Fluttering Wings, Butterfly, Angel of Hearts and Stripes and Tiptoes. Everyone of my friends loves them. I am giving the butterfly to my mom for Mothers Day. I enjoy receiving your newsletters and seing all your new items that you´ve painted. Keep in Touch."

Ann Rothwell


"Hi Ana,

Just wanted to let you know that your pattern gift is oh so cute. I plan on using this pattern for the Treasure Boxes I paint for "Toronto Sick Kids Hospital" in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a SDP member and came across your ad in the spring issue 2009 and one of our community projects is to paint Treasure Boxes for the tweens aged 9 to 12 who are in the hospital for their bone marrow transplants. Our Treasure Boxes are filled by others with all kinds of neat items for these tweens to help them with their time at the hospital. I am so excited, do you have anything like this in Portugal ? Another community project is Memory Boxes, which are painted for parents who have lost a newborn, so sad but this really helps with the grieving and is much nicer than a plastic bag with their childs personal belongings. On these boxes we usually paint floral patterns and teddy bears. Thank you for sharing your pattern and you are a wonderful painter. thanks again."

Ann Bennie, Toronto - Canada


"Dear Ana,

Love your work. I hope you continue painting new patterns for everyone to purchase."

Ann Carika Swart

"Dear Ana,

I have just bought your Morocan file. It´s gorgeous!! I can't wait to paint this!!  Your patterns and your painting is beautiful.  I hope you will be releasing new patterns soon! Happy painting!

Anne Marie Lawrence, Texas - USA



Love your work!!! Love the fantasy, feel, color and freedom your pieces convey. I saw your advertisement in the Decorative Painter and immediately went to your site. Fantastic! Thanks for the free pattern. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent!"

Linda Hatfield


"Actually, I started tole painting about 40 years ago. I painted anything that didn't move for a decade. Love to paint but I haven't done it now for several years. Just didn't carve out the time...Your design in the Paint Works magazine ad inspired me to set up my studio again. I love what you do. I needed a fresh look to get me busy...Thank You. I'll want to see more of your designs."

Jeri Hyde, Shawnee, Oklahoma