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3. The outline of the pattern so that you may trace it onto the surface you wish to paint. 


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On the left you can see a photo of the original piece, once you have the packet you may choose to paint it on any surface you choose, with any colours you like.


On the right is the outline pattern to be used to guide your brushstrokes.



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Others who have signed up and are fans of  the Ana Dickinson style:


"Hi Ana,

Just wanted to let you know that your pattern gift is oh so cute. I plan on using this pattern for the Treasure Boxes I paint for "Toronto Sick Kids Hospital" in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a SDP member and came across your ad in the spring issue 2009 and one of our community projects is to paint Treasure Boxes for the tweens aged 9 to 12 who are in the hospital for their bone marrow transplants. Our Treasure Boxes are filled by others with all kinds of neat items for these tweens to help them with their time at the hospital. I am so excited, do you have anything like this in Portugal ? Another community project is Memory Boxes, which are painted for parents who have lost a newborn, so sad but this really helps with the grieving and is much nicer than a plastic bag with their childs personal belongings. On these boxes we usually paint floral patterns and teddy bears. Thank you for sharing your pattern and you are a wonderful painter. thanks again"


Ann Bennie - Stoney Creek, Canada


"Hi Ana! Thanks for the free packet, can´t wait to get started with my brushes!"

Elizabeth Potter, California - USA


"Thank you so much for the free project! I really love the pattern! Your ladies and angels are one of a kind, keep it up!"

Heather Johnson, New York - USA

"Ana, Love your work!!! Love the fantasy, feel, color and freedom your pieces convey. I saw your advertisement in the Decorative Painter and immediately went to your site. Fantastic! Thanks for the free pattern. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent!"

Linda Hatfield


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