The objective of this site is to promote and publicize Ana Dickinson´s unique designs throughout the world and thus to contribute to the spread of the incredible pleasure of painting beautiful and fun pictures.

In this site you will find these designs available for purchase in a package form (please check the "Products" section) . Their downloading will be made available to you once you have purchased and paid for them through Paypal (no snail mail involved). Each package will be made available as a PDF type file and will  include a coloured photograph of the project plus a black and white drawing and the respective written instructions. If you are new to painting we would advise, though, to purchase the General Instructions before purchasing any other package.

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The free package you receive with the Newsletter is structured identically to the ones for sale in the products section, and consists of a PDF type file with instructions, image and image outline to be traced on to whichever surface you like, the original is painted on wood.


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And now, some words on what painting with love is like:

I think I was conceived with drips of amazingly colourful paint as ever since I can remember, I have always loved paints. Whenever I walk into a paint shop my heart leaps and I am overwhelmed by a terrific urge to just buy every pot of paint and every kind of brush – they are so precious!!! – I desperately need them!!!

And so, over the years, I have bought incredibly useless stock, things that lie around gathering dust and becoming rotten (by the way, I do not come from an artistic family at all. So, for all of you out there, stop wondering about your non-existent artistic genes and get down to what you love doing – painting! – YOU CAN DO IT!).

But, fortunately, and eventually, this situation changed dramatically. It was in the early nineties when I finally managed to channel this drive into something orderly and productive. You see, I have spent a great deal of my life looking for someone to actually teach me some painting technique. I say “actually” because most people I came across could not teach at all.

I wanted to learn a painting technique, whether in oils, or acrylics, or pastels, or in some other medium and nobody seemed to teach that. All they seemed to do was either to tell you to express your feelings (what feelings??) or, otherwise, to paint your surface without explaining anything at all (artistic, hey?!).

All I wanted was to be able to paint pictures, pictures with whatever colours I chose. I always thought this was quite a simple and plain objective and easy to achieve.

Well, as I said, eventually my search paid off when I discovered the American magazines Paintworks and Decorative Wood Crafts on sale, here, in Portugal. A completely fantastic new world opened up for me. I discovered hundreds of incredible artists whose main objective, apart from painting, was to TEACH painting techniques in any medium. It was also through them that I discovered, and joined, the American Society of Decorative Painters whose mission is to stimulate worldwide interest in and appreciation for decorative painting; to recognize the diversity of and excellence in the art form; and to serve as the educational resource centre for all aspects of decorative painting.

I think I owe all my knowledge of painting techniques to the American painters. For a few years I used their decorative painting patterns, with their respective sets of instructions, as classes by correspondence. Throughout the years I must have bought and studied hundreds of decorative painting books and decorative painting patterns. That is how I have thoroughly trained myself in decorative painting on wood, with acrylic paints.

I JUST LOVE PAINTING AND I TRULY LOVE TEACHING IT (and this is what my life is all about!)

But it was only around 1997 when I started creating my own designs which are very different from the traditional decorative painting of folk art, tole painting and country painting. My designs seem to have a special appeal to the younger generation while still appealing to the general public. Like the American painters, I also want to make my designs available to the rest of the world for painting purposes.

Please note that my designs may be hand painted for fun, profit and teaching purposes but any mass production of my designs may not be done without my express permission, in terms of copyright legislation.